“The Bloodtypes are accessible by many. They’re the universal donors. Get them in your system and feel your pulse throb”

– Gravediggers Local 16

Rave reviews for our live show!

” Awesome high drama, heavy-splatter punk rock with a tight new wave vibe, the Bloodtypes play a totally hyped-up rock while pulling off a stage show nothing less than cinematic in execution. Surgical! Messy!”

– Sam Soule, Bender 2013

“Just watching Schneck Tourniquet flash and pulse around the stage with her Euro/German flair will get your heart throbbing. You won’t be able to take your eyes OR ears off of them.”

– Sally Dee, SOTS Music

“What really sets them apart isn’t a gimmick, but Tourniquet, an undeniably great singer who holds claim to something rare among punk rockers: a pretty voice.”

– Rebecca Wilson, The Portland Mercury

“The Bloodtypes have to be one of the best local performers around. Before they even started the first song the sound of a beating heart began thumping louder and louder till you felt like something was going to explode and then it did. The stage and the dance floor was in a panic as if every one in the room was ready to destroy some zombies, at least that is what it looked like.  The Bloodtypes come out on stage in full garb wearing super cool white outfits splashed with blood and awesome shades as if they just got back from a weekend of apocalypse in southern Cal.  It was incredible.  Their lead singer Schneck Tourniquet is a total babe with an incredible stage presence. She owns the show and if you’re not smiling after one song she will slice one into your face with her organ playing.  I.V. Frehley, Jesse B and Matt O Dermic all add their own style and flair to this dynamic foursome bringing crashing and slashing leads, steady bass and drums that make you want to howl. See you next time.”

Bridgetown Sound


An enthusiastic reception for our debut record “Just Your Type”!

“An energetic mix of ’77 punk, garage, and new wave. An excellent female singer means that one can’t really help but liken this quartet to the EPOXIES. […]Catchy, driving, and that perfect ‘clean’ punk sound. Like they’ve been distilling the best of the first three BUZZCOCKS albums (even including some of the ‘prog’ bits), and trying em out with a spunky female chanteuse. Wouldn’t be surprised if these guys and gal are the next big thing. Deservedly so. (RK)”

Maximum Rocknroll #355


“Bloody great! Features the best song about the sun exploding ever, and a pro-cats tune that would be the purrr-fect soundtrack to your cat-themed Youtube video!”

Roctober Magazine

“ The music on ‘Just Your Type’ could be found anywhere in the last three decades; it would never be out of place and it will always be the same powerful record of quality punk that it is today.”

Gravediggers Local 16


Kind words for our new EP “Johnny”

“The Bloodtypes’ latest EP, out on Bomb Pop Records, delivers “four new smash hits about spies in love, a special species of zombies, confused aliens, and failed dates.” How can that possibly miss? It can’t! [..] It’s very easy for me to love this record, but far harder to decide on a favorite track! I’ll just call it a four-way tie. If you, like me, have somehow managed to miss out on The Bloodtypes all this time, that situation needs to be rectified immediately. […] I’m warning you now: resistance is futile.”

– Lord Rutledge, 

“Armed with their garage punk-meets-new wave sound, Johnny captures The Bloodtypes doing what they do best: dirty, synth-driven rock and roll with a humorous approach to horror themed lyrics. […] As the band’s second major release overall, Johnny packs a few punches and shows that they still have a trick or two up their sleeves. If The Bloodtypes keep it up, the future should be exciting.”

– Bizarro Dustin, Dying Scene


From Germany, with love!

“‘Yessssss!!’ mit Endlos-S! Habe lange auf ein solches Debüt von einer neuen Band warten müssenAls 2008 der EPOXIES-Vorhang fiel, blieb eine Lücke. Die wird von den BLOODTYPES nun partiell besetzt, allerdings mit leicht abgeändertem Spielplan: Die EPOXIES New Wave/Post Punk-Cleverness wird nun durch fantastische WIPERS-Melodien ergänzt, diese schroffen Riffs mit dem frostigen Drive. Nie war Schwermut herzerfrischender und unterhaltsamer. […] Ein super-frisches Turbo-Puzzle aus Northwest-Klassiker Inspiration, einem ‘Best of Female Punk’, eigenständig präsentiert als 2013er Update. 12 Tracks mit der belebenden Wirkung von 17 Gin Tonic. Zack, zack, Doppel-Zack! Ein Lippenstift aus Dynamit, Blutgruppe A Bombastisch positiv!” (10/10)

– Paradise, Moloko Plus

“Die Digipack-CD besitzt 12 Songs, deren Stil sich aus Punkrock, Garage und Wavepunk zusammensetzt. Der simple Wavepunk-Sound der späten 70er ist nicht weit entfernt. Ich muss gestehen, dass mich die Songs wirklich zufriedenstellen. […] Der Blick geht zurück, die Beine stehen in der Gegenwart. Well done.”

– Micha, Plastic Bomb

“So frisch wie die jungen Fastbacks und mit dem unterkühlten Charme der Epoxies erfreut der Neo-New-Wave-Powerpop aus dem Nordwesten der USA auf ganzer Länge.” (8/10)

– Gereon Helmer, OX Geschmacks Control

“Siouxsie Sioux meets THE RAMONES. Knallt! Trifft! Möchte ich live sehen!” (9/10)

– Markus Franz, OX Geschmacks Control