EURO TOUR 2017 – Help us make this tour awesome!

The rumors are true! We are off to Europe again in January 2017 and couldn’t be more excited!

We’ve got a bunch of dates booked and are working together with our wonderful booking agency, Mutti’s Booking Büro from Berlin, to make this a great tour. In this, we could use you help, especially for the dates saying “NEED HELP”. The cities that say TBD are also not 100% confirmed yet, and we would love any suggestions you might have. If you want to/can help or know somebody who does, please email us with ideas and proposals at thebloodtypes@

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

04.01.2017 DE Köln – Sonic Ballroom
05.01.2017 DE Stuttgart – Goldmarks
06.01.2017 DE München – Kafe Kult
07.01.2017 CH Bern – TBD
08.01.2017 FR NEED HELP!
09.01.2017 FR NEED HELP!
10.01.2017 FR NEED HELP!
11.01.2017 FR Paris – L’Espace B
12.01.2017 FR NEED HELP!
13.01.2017 BE Gierle – Sjock Club
14.01.2017 BE Mortsel – Revue
15.01.2017 NL NEED HELP!
16.01.2017 OFF
17.01.2017 DE Kiel – Schaubude
18.01.2017 DE Flensburg – Hafermarkt
19.01.2017 DE Hannover – Bei Chez Heinz
20.01.2017 DE NEED HELP!
21.01.2017 DE Bochum – Trompete
22.01.2017 DE Gelsenkirchen-Buer – Lokal Ohne Namen
23.01.2017 DE Münster – Rare Guitar
24.01.2017 DE OFF
25.01.2017 DE Osnabrück – Substanz
26.01.2017 DE Chemnitz – Subway To Peter
27.01.2017 DE Leipzig – Stoned
28.01.2017 DE Berlin – Wild at Heart

Oh, and here’s our fantastic tour poster!




This fun and frisky drummer isn’t ready to settle down yet!

A mainstay of the Portland punk scene since he moved there 15 years ago, ash-blond Spizz Spasm shows no signs of slowing down. You wouldn’t know it to look at the shy and sexy Spizz, but the Iowa native says he is “always on the prowl for a new adventure”. So when the opportunity to join everyone’s favorite all wave punk band THE BLOODTYPES came along, he jumped. “My arousal was piqued.” So was ours!

Don’t doubt this Bloodtypes’ stamina, ladies. He’s got what it takes to rock you all night long. “I love everything about being on the road,” he says, “even the hard parts.” Grr.



To feed my dachshund after waking up from a nap.


A full body massage from Gallagher.


My elbow.


Des Moines. Or Rochester, New York.


Unlimited movie theater popcorn.




White wine.


Every 80s James Bond movie.


I trim my fingernails every other day.


Tuff News

Hemophiliacs, we’ve got some sad news for you.

After 6 years with us, Matt O Dermic will be leaving the Bloodtypes. We will miss him and his drum skills dearly! The Bloodtypes will continue on without him, but he has made a lasting impression in both the band and all of our lives, and it will be very bittersweet to see him move on.

If you’re in Portland, please help us send him off in a farewell he won’t forget. We’ll be pulling out all the stops for this one. September 1st at the Know with Sloppy Kisses and Girl Drink Drunks. There will be laughter, and there will be tears, so bring the Kleenex.




Portland Record Release Extravaganza

Dear Portland Pals,

We have safely made it back from Europe with our freshly released sophomore record “Pull The Plug” in tow. Tour was awesome, but now we can’t wait to share this latest release with you guys – in style!
This Friday we will be celebrating our LP with a never-before-seen look behind the scenes: We are proud to give you “Pull the Plug – The Untold Story”, a musical play by the Bloodtypes, live on stage at the Know, which promises to be a show unlike any other you’ve experienced.

Of course we haven’t come alone!
Sharing the stage with us will be the Birth Defects (with memebers of Thee Oh Sees and Shiner) from L.A., who will surely bring the party!
And as a very special treat, we are very happy to announce that DON’T are going to start the night off. They’re headed back to Europe and are releasing their 2nd full length record “Fever Dreams”! Awesome, right? Let’s give them a great sendoff!

Here are the nitty gritty details:
21+, $7, 8 pm –  don’t be late, it’s the Know.

So, yeah, thanks for being on this mailing list and of course for your support – it means a lot. We really hope to see you at the show. If you can’t make it, but you still want the record, we will add it to our Bandcamp page right after the show, where we’ll also have new t-shirt designs up for sale soon.

Bloodlust, y’all!

Schneck Tourniquet & the Bloodtypes



The time is come!

After much sweat, emotion and excitement, our new record PULL THE PLUG is now finally available for purchase on Bandcamp.

If you would like to get your hands on an LP, you will need to do this via one of our fantastic labels for the time being, even though we will have physical copy available directly from us up there for order in the not too distant future.

If you are in Europe, please order via P.Trash Records.

If you are in the US, please order via Bomb Pop Records.

We also made a super fun video in our basement for the second track of the record called Panic! The phone was shot on our phones and then edited by our very good friend Arthur Leon Adams III (who’s amazing at this and many other things). You’ll see how much fun it can be to be chased around a basement with a blinking light (bruises for days).

In addition, we’re getting ready for our upcoming European tour! Please help us spread the word by RSVPing and inviting people to our Facebook event . You’ll find the dates under “Tour Dates” as well, but we’re so excited, so why not post them again?! We’ve still got a few dates open and would appreciate any help with them! Got a basement or living room you want us to play? Let us know!

02.01.2016 DE Chemnitz Subway to Peter

03.01.2016 DE Essen Anyway – ACOUSTIC (w/o Static)

04.01.2016 BEL TBA

05.01.2016 FR/BEL  NEED HELP!

06.01.2016 FR Montreuil La Comedia

07.01.2016 FR Besançon Le Bar de l’U

08.01.2016 CH Solthurn Kofmehl

09.01.2016 DE Stuttgart Goldmarks

10.01.2016 DE Aachen Wild Rover

11.01.2016 DE  NEED HELP!

12.01.2016 DE Dresden Chemiefabrik

13.01.2016 DE Münster Gleis 22 w/ C4Service

14.01.2016 DE Düsseldorf Pitcher

15.01.2016 DE München Glockenbachwerkstatt

16.01.2016 CZ Podebrady BOSS Bar

17.01.2016 CZ Prague Klub Buben

18.01.2016 OFF

19.01.2016 DE Tübingen Epplehaus

20.01.2016 CH Bern Rössli

21.01.2016 DE Aulendorf IrReal

22.01.2016 DE Frankfurt AU

23.01.2016 DE Berlin Bassy

Needless to say, life is exciting for the Bloodtypes! As always, as a DIY band we rely on the kindness of friends and strangers. Please help us spread the word! If you could share our video, album and Facebook event, we would be much obliged. Tell your friends about us if you like what we have to offer. And write us love letters. We like those. :-)

Love to all, and hope to see you soon!

Schneck & the Bloodtypes

My, what a busy year! – California Mini Tour Tradition –

Goodness, has it been a year?!?!

What can we say except for: We’ve been BUSY!!! (Which we have been, for the record… speaking of which: Yes, new record! Coming out in December! More on this topic very, very soon!)

Since our last post, we’ve pretty much been working on new tunes exclusively – writing, polishing, recording, mixing them, cursing them, producing them, cursing them some more, then finding them pretty ok, then hating them, then back to loving them, still loving them. Etc. You get the picture. The record is DONE and we’re stoked. Watch for another update in the not very distant at all future.

That said, we did have some time for fun: We made it back to California for a few shows from October 15 – 17, which is pretty much a tradition at this point (three times makes a tradition, yes?)

The trip was awesome. On the way down, we stopped at a drive in restaurants, which was weird and lacked servers on roller-skates.


I.V. Frehley is so dreamy!

Then, we played a cool show at one of our favorites venues: Monstros in Chico. Playing with us were the soulful Empty Gate (brand new and rad), the mischievous Miscreants (pictured below, not-quite-as-brand new and also rad), and the punk rock power Severance Package (not new but, yes, you guessed it, rad). Being on tour means that some of the nights you play, the other bands might not be that great. Not on this show! I seriously loved EVERY BAND on the bill! Go check them out! To top the wonderfulness off, Scribles of the Chico Area Punks put us up at his house, cooked us amazing vegan breakfast, and introduced us to the Mighty Boosh. Needless to say, we didn’t want to leave.


The Miscreants: Nothing to see here.

But leave we did to drive to Pacifica for our first show ever. To my great delight we stopped at one of my absolutely favorite places to eat: Southern Indian food at Udupi Palace in Berkeley. We took a silly picture. Good times.


Disclaimer: Matt-O-Dermic does not have Marge Simpson hair.

The Pacifica show was the first of our two nights with the power pop prowess that are the Whoosie What’s It’s and the garagey goodness of the The Krypters. Do yourself a favor and look both of these bands up. Like, right now. Because you want and need to. I’ll wait….

Ok, you’re back? Well, as for Pacifica… We hadn’t played there before. Perhaps you are as skeptical as we were. Well, let me tell you that you’d be wrong to feel that way. Pacifica, more specifically Winters Tavern, was rad as fuck. There was a shuffle board. And a jukebox you could choose songs on. An owner who truly loves his patrons and music. The show was cool, too. Except for the fact that EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT WITH A CORD BROKE AT LEAST ONCE. It took us about 15 minutes to get through the first 3 songs. Amazingly, the crowd hung in, and we somehow managed to turn this disaster around. What you’d call a rock’n’roll victory. Thanks for keyboard amp tech help from the inimitable Hal.


Live Fucking Music indeed.

Our lovely friend Liz put us up in the East Bay afterwards. There were cats. Life was good. After a leisurely day around El Cerrito, Richmond and Oakland respectively, we made our way to Merchants’ Saloon in Oakland. Dude, if there’s ever a competition for diviest punk rock bar, this place is definitely in the running. What an awesome venue. Much fun was had with a) hats (formerly of the Double Ds), b) photo booths (in front of and inside), and c) rock’n’roll (never to be underestimated). It was an honor and a pleasure to share the bill with the Whoosie What’s It’s and the Krypters a second night. The bands rocked me so hard that I didn’t take any pictures, which is lame, so if you live in the Bay, you’ll just have to go and see them play for yourself. You won’t regret it.


Recently, at band camp…


Didn’t get the memo about funny faces…or maybe couldn’t handle all that dude charm? Anyway, here’s me with a buncha Bloodtypes and the awesome promoter Brian (of Partyforce)


Somehow, this is the only measly image I took of the WONDERFUL bands we shared the stage with: Miki of the Krypters ripping it up on keys. Without her, this tour(ish string of shows) wouldn’t have been as memorable as it was!!!

And then it was all over. We drove back, not without a weirdly epic stop in Yreka (really, you should have been there), only to go back to work the next day, like suckers. Being a rock star is way more fun.

Thanks so much to Miki of the Krypters for single-handedly booking the two rad Bay Area shows, to Chico Area Punks, Monstros Pizza and scribles, to Winters Tavern and Merchants Saloon, to Brian, Hal, Nettie, the Krypters, the Whoosie What’s It’s, Severance Package, Miscreants, Empty Gate, and to Liz, Sonny (for putting up with us), Piglet and Ninja. And of course big love to everyone who came out and rocked the fuck out. Good times, good times. Can’t wait to do this again soon.



Bloodtypes Kill in California, Try to Survive the Drive Home

By Stef Writer, Rock Command, Portland, OR

As reported by I.V. Frehley via primitive telegraph earlier today, each and every show on their late, 3 date tour was an absolute, first rate, total rock victory, complete with laurels and human sacrifices in their honor each and every night!

[Wow Bloodtypes! What the fuck? Now you’re all into that kinda Roman shit now? You used to be happy just playing a good show and eating tacos afterward. You’ve changed man. -ed]

However, in a rare classy move, they would like to extend major thanks to their many Cali-Allies for all their amaze hospitality and support. Here is the cool list:

Oakland: Kate! Adam Bomb! Strange Manor! A. Amato! The Golden Bull!

Chico: Scribbles! Monstros Pizza! Chico Area Punks!

Sacramento: Joe (from the Anxieties)! Danny Secretion! Cafe Colonial!

Each band they played with rocked with zero room or tolerance for suck. We have been directed to note with high regard: Toy Guitars! Dirty Denium! The Secretions! Shoujo Kitten! Severance Package! Trox and the Terribles! 

So it would appear that literally every band this weekend was completely awesome! Especially so, playing each Bloodtypes gig, was newcomer Static and the Cubes. Not much is yet known about this philosophic punker and the mysterious Cubes that control him, but this much can be said with certainty; they exist. And they will continue to do so, performing on any and all stages within this reality of ours. More news to come!

And so, as they drive back home to Portland, sheathed in glory, and gory…avoiding assholes in the fast lane with their left turn signals blinking, they consider their next move…recording a new full length record! Music fans across the world wait, and wonder what to expect…

Question: Are 3 Shows On The Road Considered a Real “Tour”?

Yesterday as they prepared to effectively devastate that golden state of California in three tremendous punk rock shows, we asked local band The Bloodtypes what exactly constitutes a “tour” in these strange times? How does one justify the lasting shin bruises, mental and cochineal damage, the torturous partial-heathenism of playing only 3 totally amazing shows back to back on the road, while pretty broke, going hungry, sleepy-tired AND only somewhat sexed, maybe?

Schneck: Well, tour is just fun, and that’s what Bloodtypes do. We’re pretty hardy. For tour obviously we travel around, we play a show, we camp out in your living-room, make a meal…Then we leave to do it all again. But the point is that…

Jesse B: Hey I think tour is like, whatever you wanna define it. To me, our three shows in 1400 miles is a real tour. A tour could mean you fly in with small gear, or the more traditional Econoline, but…

O’Dermic: Hey-a, yabba yabba….ahhhhahhhhhh Drum Drum!

IV: Matt please, Jesse’s trying to finish his thought. I think what he was gonna say was that even a short tour is rad and stressful and still totally worth it for that troubadour vibe of scratching and surviving to play well and live to fight another day?

Jesse B: Haha actually no. Our Awesome Fest trip last month was short but really lived up to…

O’Dermic: You said TRIP!!!!

Jesse B: Yeah I did Matt, not sure why, I guess because we flew-in to that one. We played 3 shows as well…

Schneck: Holy shit. If anybody out there’s reading this still, I’ll be posting updates on Facebook, please check our site for updates and show info! See you soon!

[editor] And there you have it! A real tour in 3 days. Tune in soon. Please put your hands together and buy a record in either Oakland, Chico, or Sacramento on their upcoming tour this week.



Look! We’ve gots Youtube! (Can we be cool now?)

Jet lag can be a wonderful thing. What are you gonna do when feeling like a complete vegetable?! That’s right! Make yourself feel like even more of a complete vegetable by spending hours online! THAT’S THE FUCKING FUTURE!

The bloody good thing about that is that, somehow, at the end of all this, we’ve somehow come by a Youtube channel. And a “video” put together from super-awesome images taken by Kleanth Ardonau in Limoges. Here it is:

There are also really cool playlists put together from videos people took or made of us and of course one with our favorite bands. Enjoy them HERE.

In the meantime, we’re gearing up for new songs, new recordings and a super-fun blog recap of tour. 2014 has ruled so far and we intend to keep it that way: A Seattle date for 7/19 at the Highline has just been added… and more to come – stay tuned!



Schneck Tourniquet


Blood All Over Europe!!!

Dear Hemophiliacs,

We’ve been very busy having fun in Europe, but are now enjoying a few days off after rocking good times in Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium. A more detailed update will follow later, but here are a few links and pics we’d like to share with you. These are by no means the only great shows we played – special shout outs here to Berlin (Wild At Heart), Hamburg (Hafenklang), Dijon (Les Tanneries) and Merchtem (Cantina del Rock)!!! Everybody we’ve met has been so supportive and sweet to us and we couldn’t be happier with how the tour is going. But just to keep you updated… here are four standout shows from the tour thus far:


1966291_10153998502490724_1959654082_oOne of the very special shows of the tour was a free friends and family show in Schneck’s native Gelsenkirchen-Resse (a true metropolis) at the local church community center (yes, they let us in, surprisingly). Many friends, family, friends of family and acquaintances came and showed their love and appreciation. To the left, you can see some of those people who made the evening so awesome. In addition, Schneck’s friend Sebastian Konopka a.k.a. Konz came by and took some pics for the local press,which you can find here. The stage looks weird because we were playing in front of the local theater group’s backdrop… Punk rock, hehe! Konz also wrote a cool article for the newspaper WAZ about Schneck and the band (in German, duh). Click here to view it!

Bloodtypes-AUAnother fantastic time was had in Frankfurt (Germany) at the 30-year-old and wonderfully run squat called AU. We loved everything about it! A ping pong table, amazing catering, sweet people, comfortable beds and a super-rocking show… HECK YEAH! A detailed review of our show there can be found at the Rockstage Rhein-Main blog (photo on the right taken from the same blog – thank you, Frank!). It was lovely to play for such an appreciative and enthusiastic group of people. Definitely a contestant for best show of the tour.

DSC09662A rock’n’roll victory was certainly won in Limoges (France)! Thanks to the wonderful Raf, who booked and promoted our show at Zic Zinc, we had one of the most amazing nights ever. Limoges fucking ROCKS!!!! (Even though not all its inhabitants smell “like flowers”, as locals and our own noses can attest to…) Thank you to Kleanth Ardonau for documenting this truly memorable evening in the form of (high contrast) pixels – to view the extremely rad full set of images, please look here. Raf was also kind enough to play our tune (and rocking encore) “Just Your Type” on his radio show, which is very worth checking out, whether you speak French or not.


Finally, we played the legendary Pit’s in Kortrijk, Belgium… What a night! We were thoroughly wonderfully looked after (holy stew!) and got even more sweaty than we anticipated while rocking… due to a very appreciative crowd, stage lights a few feet from our faces and beers being thrown around – at last! (We’d been wondering when that would finally happen !!!). Thanks to Jan and Blomme who documented the evening in its entirety. Here’s a Facebook video of us doing “Until It Bleeds”, which will give you a pretty good idea of the space.


Four more shows left on this amazing trip! Come see us in Essen, Münster, Amsterdam or Greifswald if you can and would like to…. We’re excited to go home with a bang!

Much love from your favorite bloodspattered band!


The Bloodtypes