EURO TOUR 2017 – Help us make this tour awesome!

The rumors are true! We are off to Europe again in January 2017 and couldn’t be more excited!

We’ve got a bunch of dates booked and are working together with our wonderful booking agency, Mutti’s Booking Büro from Berlin, to make this a great tour. In this, we could use you help, especially for the dates saying “NEED HELP”. The cities that say TBD are also not 100% confirmed yet, and we would love any suggestions you might have. If you want to/can help or know somebody who does, please email us with ideas and proposals at thebloodtypes@

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

04.01.2017 DE Köln – Sonic Ballroom
05.01.2017 DE Stuttgart – Goldmarks
06.01.2017 DE München – Kafe Kult
07.01.2017 CH Bern – TBD
08.01.2017 FR NEED HELP!
09.01.2017 FR NEED HELP!
10.01.2017 FR NEED HELP!
11.01.2017 FR Paris – L’Espace B
12.01.2017 FR NEED HELP!
13.01.2017 BE Gierle – Sjock Club
14.01.2017 BE Mortsel – Revue
15.01.2017 NL NEED HELP!
16.01.2017 OFF
17.01.2017 DE Kiel – Schaubude
18.01.2017 DE Flensburg – Hafermarkt
19.01.2017 DE Hannover – Bei Chez Heinz
20.01.2017 DE NEED HELP!
21.01.2017 DE Bochum – Trompete
22.01.2017 DE Gelsenkirchen-Buer – Lokal Ohne Namen
23.01.2017 DE Münster – Rare Guitar
24.01.2017 DE OFF
25.01.2017 DE Osnabrück – Substanz
26.01.2017 DE Chemnitz – Subway To Peter
27.01.2017 DE Leipzig – Stoned
28.01.2017 DE Berlin – Wild at Heart

Oh, and here’s our fantastic tour poster!

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