My, what a busy year! – California Mini Tour Tradition –

Goodness, has it been a year?!?!

What can we say except for: We’ve been BUSY!!! (Which we have been, for the record… speaking of which: Yes, new record! Coming out in December! More on this topic very, very soon!)

Since our last post, we’ve pretty much been working on new tunes exclusively – writing, polishing, recording, mixing them, cursing them, producing them, cursing them some more, then finding them pretty ok, then hating them, then back to loving them, still loving them. Etc. You get the picture. The record is DONE and we’re stoked. Watch for another update in the not very distant at all future.

That said, we did have some time for fun: We made it back to California for a few shows from October 15 – 17, which is pretty much a tradition at this point (three times makes a tradition, yes?)

The trip was awesome. On the way down, we stopped at a drive in restaurants, which was weird and lacked servers on roller-skates.


I.V. Frehley is so dreamy!

Then, we played a cool show at one of our favorites venues: Monstros in Chico. Playing with us were the soulful Empty Gate (brand new and rad), the mischievous Miscreants (pictured below, not-quite-as-brand new and also rad), and the punk rock power Severance Package (not new but, yes, you guessed it, rad). Being on tour means that some of the nights you play, the other bands might not be that great. Not on this show! I seriously loved EVERY BAND on the bill! Go check them out! To top the wonderfulness off, Scribles of the Chico Area Punks put us up at his house, cooked us amazing vegan breakfast, and introduced us to the Mighty Boosh. Needless to say, we didn’t want to leave.


The Miscreants: Nothing to see here.

But leave we did to drive to Pacifica for our first show ever. To my great delight we stopped at one of my absolutely favorite places to eat: Southern Indian food at Udupi Palace in Berkeley. We took a silly picture. Good times.


Disclaimer: Matt-O-Dermic does not have Marge Simpson hair.

The Pacifica show was the first of our two nights with the power pop prowess that are the Whoosie What’s It’s and the garagey goodness of the The Krypters. Do yourself a favor and look both of these bands up. Like, right now. Because you want and need to. I’ll wait….

Ok, you’re back? Well, as for Pacifica… We hadn’t played there before. Perhaps you are as skeptical as we were. Well, let me tell you that you’d be wrong to feel that way. Pacifica, more specifically Winters Tavern, was rad as fuck. There was a shuffle board. And a jukebox you could choose songs on. An owner who truly loves his patrons and music. The show was cool, too. Except for the fact that EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT WITH A CORD BROKE AT LEAST ONCE. It took us about 15 minutes to get through the first 3 songs. Amazingly, the crowd hung in, and we somehow managed to turn this disaster around. What you’d call a rock’n’roll victory. Thanks for keyboard amp tech help from the inimitable Hal.


Live Fucking Music indeed.

Our lovely friend Liz put us up in the East Bay afterwards. There were cats. Life was good. After a leisurely day around El Cerrito, Richmond and Oakland respectively, we made our way to Merchants’ Saloon in Oakland. Dude, if there’s ever a competition for diviest punk rock bar, this place is definitely in the running. What an awesome venue. Much fun was had with a) hats (formerly of the Double Ds), b) photo booths (in front of and inside), and c) rock’n’roll (never to be underestimated). It was an honor and a pleasure to share the bill with the Whoosie What’s It’s and the Krypters a second night. The bands rocked me so hard that I didn’t take any pictures, which is lame, so if you live in the Bay, you’ll just have to go and see them play for yourself. You won’t regret it.


Recently, at band camp…


Didn’t get the memo about funny faces…or maybe couldn’t handle all that dude charm? Anyway, here’s me with a buncha Bloodtypes and the awesome promoter Brian (of Partyforce)


Somehow, this is the only measly image I took of the WONDERFUL bands we shared the stage with: Miki of the Krypters ripping it up on keys. Without her, this tour(ish string of shows) wouldn’t have been as memorable as it was!!!

And then it was all over. We drove back, not without a weirdly epic stop in Yreka (really, you should have been there), only to go back to work the next day, like suckers. Being a rock star is way more fun.

Thanks so much to Miki of the Krypters for single-handedly booking the two rad Bay Area shows, to Chico Area Punks, Monstros Pizza and scribles, to Winters Tavern and Merchants Saloon, to Brian, Hal, Nettie, the Krypters, the Whoosie What’s It’s, Severance Package, Miscreants, Empty Gate, and to Liz, Sonny (for putting up with us), Piglet and Ninja. And of course big love to everyone who came out and rocked the fuck out. Good times, good times. Can’t wait to do this again soon.



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