Bloodtypes: A Biography!

bloodtypes2What the Bloodtypes are doing both live and in the studio should, by all laws of nature, go terribly wrong. And yet – it works! Infusing their love of 77’s punk with bits of garage, elements of new-wave, even some prog, dueling boy-girl vocals, a good dose of fog, stylish bloodied up shirts, jumping high-fives, and ridiculous stage antics, this razor-sharp four-piece is bound to slash a smile on your face – whether you want it or not.

The Bloodtypes burst from the heart of the dripping Pacific Nortwest back in the distant year of 2010 when German expat babe Schneck Tourniquet teamed up with the three Portland punk rock veterans I.V. Frehly, Jesse B Negative and Matt O Dermic. Their mission: keep new-wave fun alive in a scene that had become tiresome bearded urban folk (or whatever). What better antidote than a high-concept dress up band, delivering songs about nuclear catastrophes, sexy spies, exploding suns and …cats? From the new wave hit “Johnny”, via the hilarious “Katz R Punx” and the power ballad “Television Dreams” to the epic grandeur of “Radiation Sickness”, each  tune dares you not to pogo-dance around your room. Don’t even try to resist. There is no point.

The Bloodtypes came to the attention of the European label P.Trash Records in late 2012 with their crowdsources first full length entitled “Just Your Type”. P.Trash Records kindly gave their debut album the vinyl release it deserved in Europe in the fall of 2013, where it has been garnering interest and positive reviews. Unwilling to rest on their laurels, the Bloodtypes released a 7″ entitled “Johnny” on the new Seattle label Bomb Pop Records on Halloween of 2013. 2015 was a busy year for the Bloodtypes, as they hunkered down in the studio to record their second full length “Pull The Plug”. The record has since been co-released by Bomb Pop Records (USA) and P.Trash Records (Germany).

Founding member Matt O Dermic left the band in September 2016, leaving his drum throne and the Bloodtypes’ hearts empty – but not for long! Please help us to welcome newest addition to the Bloodtypes: Spizz Spasm, who has taken over drum duties. The Bloodtypes are currently working on new songs and are planning to return to Europe in early 2017.

The Bloodtypes have come here to be the universal donors, saving your and everyone’s lives single-handedly, one new-wave-garage punk song at a time. Don’t miss out on this infusion of awesomeness.

The Bloodtypes are (left to right):


I.V. Frehley – guitar and vocals

Schneck Tourniquet – vocals and keys

Jesse B Negative – bass and vocals

Spizz Spasm – drums (2016 – present)



Matt O Dermic – drums (2010-2016)