Johnny 7″ 4 Song EP!


Look! We’ve gots Youtube! (Can we be cool now?)

Jet lag can be a wonderful thing. What are you gonna do when feeling like a complete vegetable?! That’s right! Make yourself feel like even more of a complete vegetable…

Blood All Over Europe!!!

Dear Hemophiliacs, We’ve been very busy having fun in Europe, but are now enjoying a few days off after rocking good times in Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium. A more…

April 3, 2014: Tonight’s show got moved!

Achtung, Hemophiliacs! Due to an issue with the venue, we will no longer be rocking in Schaffhausen, but rather in Zürich at the Dynamo with a whole host of other…

New Adventures Await!!! Help Spread the Word!!!

Dearest Hemophiliacs, The time has come! In less than two weeks we’ll be heading out on our next adventure – our European tour!!! We can hardly wait. We’re of course…

2013 – A Pretty Good Year for Punk: Schneck’s Favorites!

Dear Hemophiliacs, Yes, yes – I know. A year’s end is nothing but an imaginary boundary, man-made and meaningless. All true. Yet, I’m a sucker for nostalgia and New Year’s…

Punk Drunk Christmas Madness – free and awesome!!!

  Listen to Abominable, dear hemophiliacs! It is indeed the season… for going to punk shows and having beer! Nothing says Christmas like hanging out with like-minded people who enjoy…


  • 09
    Oakland, CA
    Golden Bull w/ Dirty Denim, Toy Guitar, Static & the Cubes
  • 10
    Chico, CA
    Monstro's w/ Static & the Cubes, Severance Package, Trox & the Terribles
  • 11
    Sacramento, CA
    Café Colonial w/ Static & the Cubes, The Moans, Shoujo Kitten