Johnny (7″ EP)



Hemophiliacs! The time is come! After much sweat, emotion and excitement, our new record PULL THE PLUG is now finally available for purchase on Bandcamp. If you would like to…

My, what a busy year! – California Mini Tour Tradition –

Goodness, has it been a year?!?! What can we say except for: We’ve been BUSY!!! (Which we have been, for the record… speaking of which: Yes, new record! Coming out…

Bloodtypes Kill in California, Try to Survive the Drive Home

By Stef Writer, Rock Command, Portland, OR As reported by I.V. Frehley via primitive telegraph earlier today, each and every show on their late, 3 date tour was an absolute,…

Question: Are 3 Shows On The Road Considered a Real “Tour”?

Yesterday¬†as they prepared to effectively devastate that golden state of California in three tremendous punk rock shows, we asked local band The Bloodtypes what exactly constitutes a “tour” in these…

Look! We’ve gots Youtube! (Can we be cool now?)

Jet lag can be a wonderful thing. What are you gonna do when feeling like a complete vegetable?! That’s right! Make yourself feel like even more of a complete vegetable…

Blood All Over Europe!!!

Dear Hemophiliacs, We’ve been very busy having fun in Europe, but are now enjoying a few days off after rocking good times in Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium. A more…


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